The Standard Chisel Tool is design to suply the breaking means to tackle hard rock and re-enforced concrete.

The Standard Chisel Tool is best suited for use in applications where the material allows a low or medium rate of penetration.


• Primary Demolition         • Boulder Breaking            • Trenching                       • Secondary Demolition

• Scaling                                      • Tunneling                             • Primary Breaking

Alabama Hammer Hydraulic Breakers

Moil Point Tool

Pyramid Tool

The Standard Blunt tool is designed to deliver the full force of a hammers impact energy directly into the hard materials that it has been designed to tackle.

The Standard Blunt is primary used for breaking boulders.

• Boulder Breaking               • Mobile Crushers                        • Recycling Plants            

• Grizzly                                      • Metallurgical industry             • Gyratory Crushers  


• Heavy Duty Crushers     • Jaw Crushers                                 • Primary Breaking

Moil Point tools allow for optimum positioning in material which are loose or can be easily separated, eg brick walls or loose rock in tunnels.

Moil point tools are ideal for general demolition applications.


• Primary Demolition                 • Boulder Breaking                • Trenching               • Secondary Demolition               

• Mobile Crushers                       • Recycling Plants                    •  Metallurgical industry            

• Gyratory Crushers                   • Grizzly                                        • Heavy Duty Crushers

• Scaling                                              •  Tunneling                                • Jaw Crushers          • Primary Breaking

Standard Blunt Tool 

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The Pyramid Tool has been designed to meet the demands of breaking nonabrasive materials of all strengths. Nonabrasive materials which allow a high penetration rate, especially concrete, are short work for the Pyramid tool.



• Primary Demolition                  •  Primary Breaking